COVID 19 Information

COVID advice regarding Pool games is non-existent. Therefore, we have devised the following advice which we think is relevant to Quesada Pool League. Team Captains, please make sure all players are aware of the following –

  1. The referee must sanitise his/her hands before each game.
  2. The match balls must be sanitised before the match starts.
  3. The wooden surround on the pool table must be sanitised before the next game starts.
  4. Players must not touch the balls at any time. On the break or after a foul, the player must move the white ball with his/her cue.
  5. Masks must be worn by all present when standing up, going to the toilet or ordering drinks at the bar. This is Spanish Law at the moment. Unfortunately, this includes players.
  6. Where possible, players when playing a game should remain seated until the referee calls his colour of balls. Ie – red or yellow balls in play.
  7. Items, like chalk and pool cues, which cannot be sanitised should not be shared.
  8. The shaking of hands before or after a game must be replaced with touching elbows or fists.
  9. FOR THE VENUE OWNERS/CHEFS. Regardless of what type of food is available at all venues, it must be served on individual plates to comply with the current COVID 19 crisis.

Please apply common sense to these advisory rules when playing pool.

Good luck in difficult times!